Edited by Marie-Pier Boucher, Stefan Helmreich, Leila W. Kinney, Skylar Tibbits, Rebecca Uchill, and Evan Ziporyn

Beyond Wearables: The Future Is Fleshy
Lucy McRae

Make your Maker

A Lucy McRae film commissioned by Misschu Australia, est. 2007
Executive director: Lou Weis
Producer: Beatriz de Rijke
Cinematography: Christian Paulussen
Editor: Phil Currie
Protagonist: Rolien Zonneveld
Score composer: James O’Connell
Assistant art director: Maaike Fransen

Lucy McRae wishes to acknowledge members on the larger project team including Nahji Chu, Jeffrey Heiligers, Malou van Dijck, Alexandra Stück, Stitch Editing, and Pumpkin Post Production for generously supporting the production of this work.

Collection of the National Gallery of Victoria

Institute of Isolation

A Lucy McRae film commissioned by Ars Electronica, Linz [co-commissioning agent], Austria, est. 1996, and Sparks, Brussels [co-commissioning agent], Belgium, est. 2015
Co-writer and cinematographer: Lotje Sodderland
Co-producer: Claudia Schnugg
Microgravity trainer fabricator: Daniel Gower
Editor: Domenico Favata
Soundtrack: Bizarre Rituals, United Kingdom

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